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Read Chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13 (pgs. 61-88) of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

After reading the assigned pages, in complete sentences, answer the following questions:

From Chapter 10
1. What type of woman was Grandmother Baxter?
2. What foods did St. Louis introduce to young Maya?
3. How did Maya describe her schoolmates?
4. How did Maya describe the teachers?
5. What was Maya often told by her Uncle Tommy?
6. Who was Mr. Freeman? How did Maya describe him?

From Chapter 11
1. What did Maya believe about Mr. Freeman?
2. What did Maya wish she had been born as?

From Chapter 12
1. What did Mr. Freeman do to Maya?
2. What did Mr. Freeman threaten to do if Maya told?

From Chapter 13
1. How much time was Mr. Freeman given for his crime?  Did he serve it?  Why, or why not?
2. What happened to Mr. Freeman?
3. What did Grandmother Baxter tell Maya and Bailey regarding what they heard about Mr. Freeman?
4. What did Maya choose to do as a result of what happened to Mr. Freeman?

Be prepared to present your answers and the Enrichment Activity (shown below) on Thursday, March 10th.

Enrichment Activity
Blue Scholar, define the following words: excruciating, unravel, pretentious, diminish

Green Scholar, define the following words: duplicate, invincible, elaborate, triumphant