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Tyrone looked out his bedroom window and stared into a giant hole that had materialized in the middle of the street. Green smoke oozed from the giant cracks in the road as purple lights seemed to light up the hollow void. Suddenly, a spindly claw started prying its way out of the hole. The claw looked like soft steel as it extended to Tyrone’s window. Attached to the claw was the most frightening alien face Tyrone could ever conceive. It seemed as though someone—something—was controlling it from inside the hole in the ground. Tyrone noticed an antenna with a transmitter perched on its top. The antenna and transmitter turned and whirled, taking in the scene in Tyrone’s neighborhood. From the top of the transmitter, a grenade appeared and the claw began to reach for it.

“That thing’s not going to blow up my street!” With that, Tyrone raced out the door and towards the hole. He was prepared to send this mysterious craft back to wherever it had come from.

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